Spindle Technology – Series 940

Spindle Technology – Series 940

Motor spindles

Main features series 940

  • Flange mounting
  • Integrated sensor technology
  • Automatic tool clamping systems

The 940 series motor spindles were specifically developed in-house for high performance machining processes. Automatic balancing systems for spindles with an automatic chuck as well as the various sensors for condition monitoring were standardised here. At all times, these integral sensors provide you with online information relating to the state of your spindle and the machining process.

The technology of the 940 series


You can select between manual and automatic tool clamping depending on the spindle and its use.


We only fit high precision preloaded bearings. These have excellent attenuation properties and wearing characteristics. Concentricity, measured at the chuck, is < 0.002 mm.
The spindles run as smoothly as they do thanks to their rigid construction and optimised balancing.


Subject to speed range, the motor spindle benefits from oil-air or lifetime grease lubrication.


It is driven by compact, powerful synchronous and induction motors. It is cooled by an integral cooling circuit around the motor. Sensors in the motor winding protect the motor from overheating.


The spindle is sealed with a proven labyrinth packing and active sealing air. This protects the spindle bearings against soiling. Spindles can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Balancing systems + O/I sensors

For spindles with an HSK chuck we use open-centre, annular balancing systems that are partly combined with open center Acoustic-Emission sensors.

Temperature sensors

Sensors used to monitor the bearing temperature are integrated on the side of fixed and floating bearings of the motor spindle.

Function diagram

Reihe 940 Funktionsschema

Technical Data
Series 940 [PDF]

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