Let us convince you of our innovative spindle technology!

Tailor-made spindle solutions from KEBA and Heinz Fiege – your partners for perfect solutions in grinding technology through to condition monitoring in your machine.
Since the end of 2018, Heinz Fiege GmbH has been part of the internationally active automation specialist KEBA, headquartered in Linz/Austria, and now offers you complete solutions from a single source.

Our experts will be happy to assist you personally. Arrange a consultation appointment today – either by telephone or at your premises. Simply send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Series 900 is a spindle concept in which the spindle design has been revised and standardized based on many special versions in order to achieve market-driven prices.

The latest techniques in the field of bearings, motor technology, clamping technology, lubrication, sealing, sensor technology and materials have been implemented in the Series 900 through innovative product development and practice-oriented engineering.

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Condition Monitoring – less unscheduled downtimes!

Are you looking for higher productivity and less unscheduled downtime? We offer you tools with scope functions for vibration analysis of the mechanics. This enables you to detect bearing defects in motors or gear damage at an early stage, for example. We monitor your bearing loads without additional AE sensor technology. The resulting large amounts of data are processed directly inside the drive. This means that Big Data now becomes Smart Data.

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KeWheel – You need to feel this!

Use case improvements for „trial NC program runs” are easy and efficient to create. With the fully adaptive rotary push button KeWheel as the main operating element, input devices, such as overrides, handwheels, mode-selection switches, axis travel buttons and the user interface, can be combined in a single device. Blind operation and staying focused on the process: The operator gets additional information about the condition of the machine through wide-ranging haptic feedback.

First visual impressions can be obtained in the video.

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